Four Straight Black Men Who Led On Gay Rights

I came across an article today posted in the Washington post entitled “Four Straight Black Men Who Led On Gay Rights” written by Jonathan Capehart. Capeheart’s article mentioned 4 prominent African American males in the United States government that help overturn or help disassemble unfair rights that were targeted at the LGBT community. 

-Jeh Johnson

A general counsel at the Defense Department conducted and co-wrote a study  on the impact allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the armed forces.  Johnson’s nine-month effort give Congress the push to overturn “don’t ask don’t tell.” 


-Tony West

Tony West, associate attorney general in charge of the civil division, recommend a “heightened scrutiny” of review, but also challenged  that the justice system should no longer defend DOMA in court because it was unconstitutional. In June, the Supreme Court agreed with West. 

-Eric Holder

In a  six paged letter to House Speaker John Boehner , Attorney General Eric Holder outlined the legal basis for no longer defending a law motivated by bias and negative stereotypes.

-President Obama

President Obama’s determination and perseverance helped prompted the men and many others to be proactive on the equality of gay rights. 


Understanding that gay rights are equally important as civil rights is key to help further knock down walls that oppress gay equality.  Thus men like President Obama and Eric Holder are breaking the “taboo”  of being an African American excepting or  giving proper acknowledgement of gay rights. Its men like these  who are not prideful and who are comfortable in their sexuality to help promote awareness. Furthermore awareness starts from us! MAKE a difference and MAKE a change!    





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