Progressive Black Masculinity

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There is a difference in the concept of ideal masculinity and black masculinity.  The idea of masculinity is centered on patriarchy.  Masculinity is a western idea that is seen as male dominance, aggressive, violent and has a hierarchy. The idea of masculinity does not involve any space for any anti- patriarchy values to exist because it will deny your masculinity. For example caring and emotions have a space within feminism, but in the idea of masculinity it does not  allow any space for emotions. Because of the strict boundaries that the idea of masculinity has a lot of people fall short to what is expected to be masculine. The concept of the ideal masculinity was put into place by white males that thought black men were never going to achieve.  Thus why is the concept of the ideal masculinity than apply to black masculinity? All of the negative stigma of masculinity is  automatically put on black masculinity such as being aggressive, be sexes or practicing patriarchy. Black men have been searching for an identity and trying to figure out what characteristics is seen masculine to them. I can personally say we kind of lost our way to build our own concrete definition of masculinity, but this does not give the right for any organization such as black feminist to come in and try to fix us. There shouldn’t be this space of black men vs. black feminist if we really want to progress.  The future of black masculinity is up to us.  To further progress in our  masculinity we have to destroy anything that is socially masculine and rebuild the idea.


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