Wake Up!

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Black fraternities were set as a template for manhood training. Set trainings were set up to help educate and enlighten young black males into strong black men.  But over time the meanings of those rituals have been lost, altered and embedded in a new meaning. Traditions were lost and the meaning behind black fraternities has turned for the worse. These black organizations have become over sexualized.

In Spike Lee’s School Daze the concept of over sexualized black fraternities is one of the many reoccurring themes that are brought up in the movie. Women are seen as objects. They are passed around between the frat brothers. The concept of pass the “pussy” is used frequently to refer to these women. Also the idea of conquering obstacles in life, but also the idea of conquering women is seen quite frequently in the film.   One of the fraternities had a strict no virgin code. The code was set into place so it wouldn’t hurt their image as men. And you’re not a real man if you never had any pussy.

The over sexualized concept can also be applied to the VCU Black fraternities. Throwing the best parties on campus is the new goal. Having the best parties on campus tends to attract the hottest girls to come out. Usually frat brothers compete with one another to see who can get the most girls by the end of the night. This new hypersexual masculinity is overshadowing past traditions and teachings that were originally the black fraternity was founded for.     My question is, is this the new tradition?

Wake up! Wake up! When will we wake up? Theses over sexualized black fraternities are setting up stereotypes associated with black masculinity.  Individuals such as Donovan McNabb, are being scripted by the media due to these stereotypes. Scripting places her or his world view onto another.  The act of scripting has lead to negative assumptions, negative characteristics and negative behaviors of African American men. African American men are challenged to brake these “scripts” and to find their own identity within a space that constantly targets them negatively. Society needs to understand that there are ranges of identities that comprise black masculinity. Thus  black fraternities does not  describe us as a whole put a piece of a negative space in our black masculinity.


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